About BIB

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What can BIB do?

BIB is a chat bot that uses natural language processing. That means it can respond to questions and statements that are worded differently than what it was programmed with. Currently we have set up BIB to show calendars for Jason and Thuy and answer questions about Blackbook.ai

What questions can BIB answer?

Here's a few examples of questions you can ask BIB:

  • Where are you located?
  • What processes are suited to RPA?
  • What is your point of difference?

How does BIB work?


The Kore.ai platform implements the concept of ontology, which is the study of how entities interrelate. By understanding these relationships, chat bots can process sentences like humans, understanding intent irregardless of sentence structure and use of synonyms. These entities can be grouped into classes to further enhance understanding.

For example, if the user words a query different what has been inputted, the bot can give a suggested wording. The bot understands that the user is referring to RPA solutions provided by Blackbook.ai