Award Mining Services

Remain payroll compliant with Award Mining Services

Over the past few months, we have seen the Fair Work Ombudsman audit hundreds of businesses in Australia, finding thousands of payroll errors amounting to millions of dollars in back pay and fines. Australia’s award rate pay system is incredibly complex and no one payroll system can interpret them all. This is a massive problem.

Navigating some of Australia’s most complex awards is a minefield because unlike other westerns societies, we make sure to include the day of the week, time of day, temperature, the time between shifts, responsibilities, etc, which is also then linked to superannuation payments.

To help cut through this complexity we have created an AI solution, customising algorithms to provide Award Mining Services. Once the rules are established, our AI solution not only codifies awards and interprets historical data to surface up payroll errors but notifies management of award discrepancies in real-time and reports problems immediately before the ombudsman needs to get involved.

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Award Mining use cases already in production

  • Automation of the Mutual Variation Agreement (MVA)

Through codifying the awards that need an MVA, such as General Retail Industry Award, Aged Care Award, Children Services Award, and Banking, Finance and Insurance Award, managers have the ability to check whether an MVA is required when discussing working hour changes with an employee. If so, a customised portal enables the Manager to validate whether the changes break the rules and allow both the manager and the Employee to complete an MVA for record-keeping.

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  • Automation of New Award Rules

Codification of awards, such as Retail gives the ability to interpret various timesheets in real-time, which existing systems often cannot complete, due to access requirements to historical work patterns and counts that the system would have taken a significant amount of modifications to calculate. This solution also creates the ability to forecast real-time impacts of work condition changes down to cost level. With immediate access to this data, forecast potential for future breaches becomes possible along with enabling and automating bottom-up budgeting.

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  • Automation of Roster changes into Payroll and Rostering Systems

Manage and maintain roster updates within an ERP, such as Kronos, by automating the update of rosters from a simple spreadsheet to avoid thousands of clock-in/clock-out times that require exception handling.

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