What is BlackID?

BlackID is a secure document verification technology to eliminate manual labour-intensive document review processes whilst increase security and reliability when validating identity.

Features of BlackID include:

How it works


Two-Way Biometric Verification​

Verification with Government

Detect Bad Actors

What can BlackID do for my company?


Onboarding - New members, employees and customers can authenticate their identity and residence

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Loan Applications - Identity verification, residential and visa status

Licence Applications - Biometric comparisons with corresponding photo IDs

Live Updates - Live updates can be established to ensure records are current and up to date, e.g. name, address and marital status

Importance of Identity Verification

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Increase approval rates and validate more legitimate customers sooner.


Comply with local and government regulations.

Prevent Fraud

Protect customer privacy and prevent fraud in real time.

How is BlackID different?