Chat Bots

What are chat bots?

Chat bots are a culmination of Automation and AI to:

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Improve customer engagement, by offering alternative channels to engage your customers and employees.
Engage millennials by offering them the ability to engage with you over channels that are non voice, i.e. SMS, email, social media.

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Enable 24/7 staff and customer engagement without increasing cost.

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Augment your call centre by using chat bots to answer commonly asked questions that do not require human intelligence.

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Enable straight through processing for various processes such as:
Loan Application
Credit Card Application
Account Application
Claims Processing

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Enable ability to call AI based algorithms to vet conversations to ensure that appropriate checks and controls are applied.

What can chat bots do for your company?

24/7 Service Availability

Overcome staffing and payroll issues by using a chat bot to handle low-value or low-impact tasks, such as password resets or account creations, and to automate common troubleshooting procedures and questions.​

Knowledge Management

Integrates seamlessly with your Knowledge Bases to answer both tech support and end-user questions. Help IT service desks identify trends and address underlying causes by providing comprehensive bot and user analytics

Outage Alerts

Provide help desk staff with instant access to their monitoring systems and IoT devices, allowing them to better track outages, quickly populate outage reports, and manually or automatically alert the affected parties.​

Authentication Management

Allow your employees to quickly and easily self-service minor issues – like password reset requests – without tying up phone lines, submitting tickets, or opening a live chat.

Asset Management

Chat bots can help your IT department stay up-to-date with new requests, or changes to existing requests, by delivering helpful and actionable alerts.​

User self-service

Empower users to complete simple tasks without the need for live support– ensuring they get the help they need when they need it, resolving most routine and low-value tickets, and reducing overall help desk costs.

Hiring & Onboarding​

Bots help simplify the screening process by gathering needed details from candidates, and automatically submitting the information to your back-end system or third-party to perform background checks.

Common Questions

HR chatbots can be used to answer common questions by pulling the relevant information from existing knowledge bases, such as employee handbooks or internal portals, and from past training.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys​

Automate manual, potentially biased processes and collect important employee data.

Annual Reviews & Assessments​

Instant exchange of feedback and performance insights between employees and management.

Employee Scheduling​

Allow employees to quickly and easily request leave via text or voice, and automate routine administrative tasks by linking systems of record.

Internal Corporate Communications​

Provide employees with a direct, impartial, effective, and easily accessible method of getting support, receiving important information, and giving feedback.

Lead Scoring and Nurturing​

Chatbots and AI can help automate the entire lead nurture and conversion journey by contacting, engaging, and qualifying prospects in place of a human rep.

Sales Forecasting​

Gather data from suspects, prospects, and past and current customers to build predictive models.

Contact Analysis​

Empower sales reps by providing them with the insights and contextual information they need to more effectively reach out to and engage prospects. Improve productivity by eliminating the need to manually hunt for information stored within CRMs.

Opportunity Scoring and Guided Selling

Provide sales reps with the data and insights they need to prioritise opportunities and decrease reaction times.

Scheduling Support​

Allow customers to quickly and easily book calls and demos from the channel of their choice without waiting on your reps.

Data Entry Automation & Predictive Analytics

Chat bots can help eliminate cumbersome data entry tasks like filling out forms and updating information in CRM systems. Bots can determine customer behavioural patterns, accurately segment them, and provide recommendations on the types of content that will speak directly to their needs and pain points.

Personalised Marketing

Gather information from your website, back-end systems, and past interactions to provide personalised experiences and to suggest products that closely match a user’s interest level, background, and needs.

Customer Analytics

Chat bots can automatically gather insights and other information about your customers. Bots can log key data points, track purchasing patterns, analyse habits, and manage a database of basic customer details.

Lead Nurturing

Gather store, and retrieve the information needed to create highly targeted messages, demos, and offers.

Social Media Outreach

Chat bots help businesses scale their social media efforts by answering customer queries, delivering personalised content, and automating customer outreach.

Brand Mention Monitoring​

Quickly and easily monitor ongoing discussions about your brand online, gain a clearer understanding of how others interact with your brand’s products or services, and uncover new reputation management opportunities.

Customer Engagement and Retention

Retain customers by providing instant, personalised and engaging customer service. Chat bots collect important data, and act as a source of flawless product knowledge – eliminating human error.

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Chat bots can identify the accounting codes that should be assigned to each type of invoice and can automatically update the necessary systems of record. Plus, your staff can be notified the moment a new invoice is received or successfully processed.


Answer common employee questions related to topics like direct deposits, pay periods, and benefits. Bots can also be used to help onboard and train inexperienced payroll staff, or help experienced employees stay up-to-date, by pulling information directly from your knowledge bases.


Help scan and process new documents and quickly and easily find existing electronic documents. Help workers fill out forms and applications using voice and text commands, instead of having to physically fill out documents and manually upload them to systems of record.

Internal Customer Support

Answer questions, to create faster, more satisfactory employee experiences, and to improve relations between the finance and accounting departments, the rest of the organisation, and the supply chain.

Expense Tracking and Reporting

Finance team can track outstanding invoices, and automate the follow-up process to ensure that invoices are paid and closed in a timely manner.

Supplier Oboarding

Chatbots can be used to help vet new suppliers by checking their credit scores or tax information, and help take care of the more mind-numbing and monotonous tasks financial professionals must complete.

Learn how to create successful chatbot experiences

Conversation design is critical to creating an effective chatbot.

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