We are an Australian based company that specialises in automation and artificial intelligence

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The use of technology, such as RPA, to automate a process or task that has a logical flow and does not require prior working experience or knowledge to complete.


Artificial Intelligence

The overarching field that encapsulates machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and other artificially based learning techniques.

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The Merging of DataOps and MLOps

This video unpacks both DataOps and MLOps, illustrates their differences, goals, and presents how they can work together to streamline your end-to-end AI strategy.

Discovery – How to Validate Ideas Before Building

Ever question if you have a process suitable for automation? This video covers the methods you can use to validate your ideas before putting them forward for automation.

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Making Your Data Sing!

Data visualisation helps tell stories by curating data into a form that's easier to understand, highlighting trends. This webinar explored how to create powerful data visualisations with Power BI in Supply Chain.

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Committed is Australia’s largest single focus Automation consulting company that specialise in Artificial Intelligence, RPA and Intelligent RPA. We provide companies the opportunity to work with a local, hardworking team, capable of unlocking the true value of your organisation.

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As a company we started our RPA and AI journey with in late 2018 and have since implemented several RPA initiatives to return hours to the business, increase customer satisfaction and improve handling times of requests. We have enjoyed a great relationship with Blackbook and UiPath to date, and we’re truly excited to continue on our RPA journey with Blackbook and UiPath.

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