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Blackbook.ai is Australia’s largest single focus Automation consulting company that specialise in Artificial Intelligence, RPA and Intelligent RPA. We provide companies the opportunity to work with a local, hardworking team, capable of unlocking the true value of your organisation.
We can deploy tailored Automation solutions that leverage your company’s data to automate tasks that would otherwise be thought of as impossible. Through this automation, we will garner insights into your own company that can in turn drive greater return in productivity and tangible benefits.
Our business began two years ago in Brisbane and has since expanded to Sydney and Melbourne. As we continue to expand, we are helping unlock benefits for our clients by identifying and recommending process improvement opportunities and delivering on our commitments.
Blackbook Team

Meet some of our team


Jessica is devoted to improving processes. She has a varied accounting background and is a CPA. Her eye for detail and communication prowess make her an asset to our team and our clients. Working in a selection of industries means Jessica is able to quickly familiarise herself with client’s processes.  Professionalism is a hallmark attribute associated with Jessica and will be a valued asset to any engagement.


Byron has over 20 years of experience in senior accounting, information technology, process improvement and strategy positions within the Financial Services and Business Services sectors. Byron brings a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to organisations. He is a Chartered Accountant and has various post graduate qualifications including a MBA and MTax. Byron understands the value in continuous improvement and the need to innovate to stay relevant.


Katrina has a flair for understanding our clients’ processes. Her diverse background across several industries and countries gives her a unique skill set that is highly valued in the team. Katrina’s previous work experience proves she has outstanding communication skills and an analytical mind-set as she thrives in tasks where creativity is combined with mathematical/logical models. Her commitment to providing a quality service to her clients ensures her engagements are never left deficient.

Shaun worked through the internship to become Blackbook’s second longest serving employee. Specialising in automation, he employs his naturally found ability in automation programming, creative thought process and problem solving to automate complex and nonlinear processes. He is experienced in developing new processes, supporting and upgrading existing processing and assisting new employees in learning how to effectively develop.
Dr Alexandra is passionate about data analysis and applying AI to derive insights, find patterns and estimate future directions for clients. Her depth of AI understanding and proficiency in python programming language allows her to always find optimal solutions. CI/CD work processes are native to Alexandra, ensuring flawless customer experience when it comes to developing and upgrading end products. Alexandra is also experienced in AWS cloud services and continuously acquires new certificates.
Michael is a keen programmer who takes the client’s processes and business problems and creates cutting-edge automated solutions. With degrees in Engineering and IT, he has the automation experience to bring the process and solution document’s crafted by our team into reality. He is always on the lookout for the latest tools and techniques to help our clients stay one step ahead of the game.


Being recognised in 2019 as UiPath’s Top Business Partner (Australia) shows that Blackbook.ai is a leading force in the automation space. With our 300th bot going into production in August 2019, this further cements our position as the pre-eminent UiPath implementation partner in Australia.

UiPath award

Top Business Partner (Australia) & Top New Logo

ABBYY award

Most Innovative Partner