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Data Warehouse Modernisation

Data Warehouse Modernisation


Data Warehouse Modernisation

Data Warehouse Modernisation

An ASX200 Company with over 350 locations across Australia, Asia and Europe engaged Blackbook for Data Warehouse Modernisation strategy, design, and delivery, to migrate from on-premises to Azure Cloud.

Technology Stack


The client was seeking better value for money from their Data Warehouse analytics platform and development process. In addition, as their global footprint scaled, the quantity and complexity of data sources increased.  The client had a large investment in SQL Server but needed lower cost to scale as their business grew.


As part of the design process to leverage existing data modelling and ensure a high-performance service, Blackbook’s team conducted a systematic database audit and discovery process to gain a nuanced understanding of their business and strategic goals. Special attention was given to the technical and multi-site challenges of this solution, as well as retaining existing skill sets and the existing code base.


Our team engaged with stakeholders at varying levels of the business around the globe to understand the priorities, strategies, risks and challenges of this Data Warehouse audit process and recommendations reporting. Blackbook determined a need to adopt a phased approach to migrate ETL to the cloud and establish global DataOps processes to follow the sun.

Blackbook formulated and communicated several future-state options which were presented to the client and worked with the client to select and deliver the chosen solution. 

This solution identified a clear path to Azure Synapse for big data analytics, Azure SQL for high-speed reporting, and a blend of PowerBI datasets and dashboards to replace OLAP cubes.