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Email Triage Classifier

Email Triage Classifier


Email Triage Classifier

Email Triage Classifier

One of the world’s largest travel retailers and corporate travel managers engaged to work with their key stakeholders to design and deliver an automated email triage and processing solution within the UiPath platform.

Technology Stack



The travel retailer was investing significant resources in manually reading, assessing, categorizing and redirecting thousands of emails per week to the correct team for processing. This process was slow, resource intensive and open to human error. ​During peak times, this could cause increased time delays on an already high priority process. 


Blackbook used an open-source deep learning transformer model and fine-tuned it to data provided by the client. ​

The model was deployed in UiPath AI Centre, where it categorises emails to one of the eleven email classes with an initial balanced accuracy of 77%. Any emails that fall below the model’s confidence score are validated by a human and captured for model re-training.​


The travel retailer is now able to respond quickly to emails as they are automatically triaged by UiPath AI Centre and processed by the relevant team. The model can cope under sudden increases in email load and with the model re-training, its accuracy continues to increase over time. The re-training pipeline also allows for the customer to add or remove email classes over time in line with strategic business changes.