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Freight Cost Reduction​

Freight Cost Reduction​


Freight Cost Reduction​

Freight Cost Reduction​

Organisations that automate shipping processes see an improvement in customer service and freight performance.

Technology Stack


A leading retailer wanted to improve their freight performance, particularly during seasonal sales when maintaining strict service level commitments was a top priority (processing an order within 1 hour of receipt and shipped within 24 hours).

Delivery to customers
When an order was placed online and the freight cost exceeded a certain threshold, it was sent to a human operator for manual processing, which included a courier search for the best price, booking of the delivery and delivering the freight documents to sending vendors.

Inventory transfer between stores
Transferring a product between stores was initiated by filling an online request form and manually booked. Due to the volume of requests, only one supplier was used despite competitive pricing elsewhere.


To fulfill online order commitments without increasing freight costs, an RPA bot was implemented to process orders at a highly consistent rate, allowing for significantly increased booking volumes.

The bot scanned several couriers for the cheapest quote and processed the required delivery steps.

The bot also searched for several nominated couriers to book deliveries between stores at the best price and send required delivery labels to the relevant store.


The leading retailer was able to:

  • Lower cost of manually sourcing delivery options
  • See significant cost savings with payback within one month
  • Improve operational productivity and customer service commitments with high degree of accuracy and 24/7 availability.