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Kerbside Dumping Detection

Kerbside Dumping Detection


Kerbside Dumping Detection

Kerbside Dumping Detection

A local council engaged to develop a solution that would harness the council's garbage truck cameras as a reliable and consistent source of data for detecting rubbish piles and mattresses left on the kerbside.

Technology Stack



Kerbside dumping is an ongoing problem faced by local council waste management teams. The clean-up of dumbing can cost councils up to $750,000 annually, while also causing damage to infrastructure and environmental restoration.

The local council was frequently impacted by dumped rubbish which resulted in:

  • Regularly scheduled waste management trucks being unable to collect the rubbish piles and mattresses
  • Manual collection dispatch services were responsive rather than route and load optimised
  • A reliance on rangers and citizens to report the rubbish piles and mattress which could take weeks



Blackbook built an annotated dataset from the smart enabled trucks’ historic database and in-cabin trigger.

Using GPS and GNSS camera footage linked to garbage trucks’ GPS,  the model is able to use computer vision to triangulate the location of detected rubbish piles and mattresses. Using an API this data returns a street address to the council of locations in need of kerbside pick-up.




The local council was able to unlock the value of their raw camera data to drive decision making.

Outcomes included:

  • Significant cost savings through route and load optimisation of dispatch service
  • Reduced response time to pick-up
  • Targeted campaigns and response monitoring
  • Improved coverage with garbage truck schedule and reduce reliance on rangers / citizens