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Knowledge Management System Export

Knowledge Management System Export


Knowledge Management System Export

Knowledge Management System Export

A large Australian listed retailer engaged to export all documents off Panviva Knowledge Hub, a knowledge management system being decommissioned by the retailer. For auditing purposes all published documents and every published version of those documents where to be exported and uploaded to SharePoint for easy access of the documents.

Technology Stack

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Due to the hundreds of documents and hundreds of possible versions of each document to be exported, and the lack of a tool provided by Panviva, the client did not want to tediously export each published version from Knowledge Hub manually.

The process to export all published versions of a document in Panviva Knowledge Hub is not a simple and straightforward one. To export a previously published version, one had to revert and re-published the old version and then export that now latest published document and repeat this process for each published version of the single document.


Using an RPA robot, Blackbook built a solution that when provided a list of documents to export, would log into the Panviva system, find the document, and then identify, revert, and export all published versions of that document and upload the document versions to a SharePoint folder with an appropriate and identifiable name.


The client successfully had all required documents exported and uploaded into SharePoint, therefore allowing them to decommission the Panviva system, saving the client money. This solution was able to export everything in just a few days, where it would have taken over a week for an employee to have completed this task, saving the client time.