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Unlocking the Power of the Power Platform

Unlocking the Power of the Power Platform


Unlocking the Power of the Power Platform

Unlocking the Power of the Power Platform

Enhance business through the Power Platform - Microsoft's low code PaaS that enhances business capabilities through automation, AI, and allows for rapid development of applications.

Recently, the desire for automation and AI has increased massively. Unprecedented changes to our lives show us that we can never really be prepared for the future because we do not know what is just around the corner. However, through proper use of automation and AI, we can be prepared for a wide variety of challenges.

For example, it may be unfeasible to have the necessary resources readily available for the huge increase in demand from customers enquiring about their flights. With a 24/7 workforce in automation and AI, this demand on employees can be reduced massively. In order for this to happen, the automation and AI solutions have to be already in place and ready to act.

These solutions can reduce error rate, enable employees to focus on day-to-day tasks, remove the mundane and repetitive tasks for employees, speed up end-to-end processes, gain insights into data, and predict future outcomes based on history. Microsoft have made this possible with their Power Platform, which is made up of:

There are three components which span across these tools, enabling powerful solutions:

The Power Platform is of course built on Microsoft’s backbone and so benefits from such things as: adjust to demand, not needing to worry about the infrastructure or maintenance, support from Microsoft, enterprise grade security, and seamless updates.

The Power Platform is an easy-to-use, low code PaaS that can be used to quickly deploy production level solutions to make your business better!

Speak to us about helping you set up a solution today.

Author: Andrew Morgan, RPA Manager,



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