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Visualising Data & Processes​

Visualising Data & Processes​


Visualising Data & Processes​

Visualising Data & Processes​

Enhance the experience of your PowerBI reports and dashboards by applying graphic design principles and user experience design to effectively communicate complicated data and processes.

Technology Stack

UX Design


A data-driven company used PowerBI reports and dashboards to share important data with the rest of their business. They wanted to improve the storytelling through data visualisation and augment the end user’s experience and understanding.


We went through a UX discovery workshop with the client to find out who used the PowerBI dashboard, how they used it, what was important to them, their goals and intentions, and how the data influenced decision making.

When the narrative behind the data was discovered, it was combined with context and effective visuals to create a powerful story that:

  • Amplified the messaging
  • Created more compelling presentations to stakeholders
  • Better achieved their goals.

Formal visualisation techniques were applied for faster, at-a-glance monitoring and self-service data analysis.


The PowerBI dashboards were significantly enhanced by UX design:

  • Information was quicker to absorb
  • Easy identification of strengths and weaknesses aided in decision making
  • More compelling presentations through storytelling
  • Improved navigation
  • Visual appeal
  • Accurate presentation of measures and KPI’s