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Train and Bus Station People Counting

A public transport company engaged to investigate technical solutions to understand people's movements at stations in order to improve safety and incident response.

Kerbside Dumping Detection

A local council engaged to develop a solution that would harness the council's garbage truck cameras as a reliable and consistent source of data for detecting rubbish piles and mattresses left on the kerbside.

Anti-Social Behaviour Detection

A large public transport company engaged to develop an AI powered edge monitoring device, capable of detecting both abusive language and damage to property.

Job Matching and Disability Inclusive Language Tool with NLP

The Field is changing the game in disability employment, actively connecting people with disability to jobs at inclusive employers. Launched in November 2022, the Field is a ground-breaking first in the Australian employment landscape, opening access to a largely untapped marketplace of people with disabilities wanting to work, and employers wanting to have a productive and inclusive workforce.

Rooftop Fault Detection

A local council engaged to design, develop and deliver an AI/ML Computer Vision solution that applies object recognition technology to images or video footage from the council’s drone fleet.

PPE Detection

Timelapse delivers a premium service offering time-lapse photographers from bespoke hardware to internal data management cleared for defense contracts. Their technology allows customers to clearly see what is happening on site, allowing them to monitor progress from their office or anywhere else in the world. This visual record of their customers' projects helps customers improve processes, monitor OH&S compliance and provides an invaluable record for dispute resolution.
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