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The Medical Certificates process monitors a work queue in workflow tool, Novus. From each queue item, medical certificate documents are downloaded and sent to ABBYY FlexiCapture for OCR. Extracted medical certificate data is then entered into the claim management system and the work item is moved to a completed queue in Novus.
The Overdue Order Report process exports overdue order data from SAP, and aggregates this data into a formatted Excel report. This report is sent to external vendors to provide updated delivery dates. The automated process monitors mail responses from these vendors and performs delivery date updates in SAP, sending specific orders for approval where required.
The Daily Reconciliation Process automates the client’s daily reporting requirements for various receivables by exporting three SAP reports and one RIMS report which it then reconciles into two seperate Excel spreadsheet templates used downstream by Finance staff.
The Invoice Processing solution involves the use of UiPath robots and ABBYY FlexiCapture technology to automate processing accounts payable invoices from receipt in a dedicated mailbox to payment approval within the client’s ERP system.
The Daily Claim Allocation process automates the daily assignment of claim managers to new insurance claims within the claim management software. New claim data is provided to the automated system via Microsoft Excel report files.

This process relates to the distribution and delivery of inventory and sale orders, where online orders are delivered to customers and inventory is returned to vendors or distributed between stores. As a high-volume retail organisation, the number of deliveries scales according to customer demand.

This process relates to managing web store sale orders, where orders are manually reallocated to the nearest valid Hub Store or Distribution Centre, subject to stock availability. This is an extremely manual and time-consuming process.

Average spend on travel is $250,000 per month. Current process is inherently manual, time consuming and inconsistently executed. There are concerns with the final output, namely reflecting the correct travel cost allocation.

The process relates to the modification to staff rosters (hours worked) within ERP (HR). Early Childhood Learning is synonymous with high staff turnover rates and with over 16,000 staff members at any one time, requiring a significant utilisation of resources to execute this process.

The process relates to the transfer of grant and contract data between two systems, RIMS (Legacy System still in use) and Grants (Strategic Grants Management System – Peoplesoft). Data in this case is financial records relating to the payment of grants from various sponsors. RIMS does not integrate with Grants, making the data transfer process extremely manual and tedious – utilising resources capacity and high probability of human error and rework.

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As a company we started our RPA and AI journey with Blackbook.ai in late 2018 and have since implemented several RPA initiatives to return hours to the business, increase customer satisfaction and improve handling times of requests.

One example (we have many!) of a successful RPA implementation is the automated creation of Sales Orders for some of our key customers who send in Purchase Orders from their ERP in pdf format. The business opportunity was to free up highly skilled resources to focus on value add activities more aligned to their roles, rather than have them ‘keying in’ data into our ERP to create Sales Orders for parts. In addition to freeing up these resources, it also resulted in speedier fulfilment of orders for these customers and the ability for their orders to be processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 8 months in we have now far exceeded our investment in ‘returned hours’ and increased customer satisfaction – a win/win for Hastings Deering and our customers.

We have used Blackbook for several initiatives in the RPA space and have found them to be extremely professional in their approach and very flexible and accommodating in the services that they provide. Their technicians are highly skilled and their business analysis resources are excellent at capturing required information by ‘asking the right questions’ during the requirements phase. They are very responsive if we have additional requirements or questions with the existing bot fleet – the ongoing relationship is very important to them; they’re not just interested in ‘the next sale’.

We have enjoyed a great relationship with Blackbook and UiPath to date, and we’re truly excited to continue on our RPA journey with Blackbook and UiPath.

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